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Sheds don’t have to be boring and square!!


DorsetWood make bespoke individual garden sheds, playhouses and home offices.


Unlike off-the-peg sheds, ours are built to last.  Most of our structures are built of much sturdier design using timber frame techniques and predominately  in green wood sourced from a local saw mill.  Many of my projects start from an idea and a desire for something different and we work with you to make these a reality.

Sheds with under 30 square metres floor space and 4 metres high, generally don’t need planning permission - but its also wise to check.  Sheds with a floor space of 15 square metres do not normally have to comply to building regulations, though other stipulations could apply. DorsetWood’s structures are built to a high standard within building regulations guidelines.


Prices start from £2,000.



Email us : davewelsh@dorsetwood.co.uk Tel: 0783 8654468